Doctors Disability Representatives, LLC.

   Did you know that the Social Security Administration Requires That, "You Must Prove the MEDICAL CONDITION, Not the Legal Reason", Why You Cannot Work?  

                                                      This is why you need DOCTORS representing you.

                                          "We are America's only Doctor Disability Representatives" 


  We are doctors.  Rest Assured Your Information is Safely Kept Within Our Office and is HIPAA protected for your privacy.  Don't Wait another Day.

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It's a fact that  approximately 75-80% of those who try to apply for SSDI by themselves will FAIL and will be DENIED.

                                        Call the Doctors, Not the Lawyers.

The Social Security Administration requires that, "You must prove the MEDICAL Condition, NOT the legal reason why you cannot work." 

We specialize in SSDI Social Security Disability, and personally walk your case through the SSDI Application and approval process.   Don't try this by yourself.  You need a Doctor to represent you in this difficult and often impossible process.  We are The only SSDI Social Security Representatives in America who are also Licensed Doctors.  

Professionally yours,

Dr. Himmel
Dr. Rapp

Doctors Helping The Disabled to Get SSDI

Do we handle first time applicants?  YES. 
Do we handle Reconsiderations?   YES. 
Do we handle Appeals?  YES. 
Are we doctors?

Do we charge up front?  Do we charge extra for phone for calls, mail, staples, paperclips, and courier fees like others do?

NO, NO, No, and No!

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